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08 January 2012

The silversatsuma Portfolio.

1. Weddings.

Laugh, smile and laugh again.  Your day is all about you, so make sure that you choose a photographer whom you like spending time with, someone who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and puts a smile on your face!  Your photographer is with you for one of the most important days of your life, so selecting someone who is not only professional but makes you feel at ease is so important; as it will not only produce the most beautiful photographs but it makes your day even more enjoyable.

I hop you enjoy some of the weddings I have had the pleasure to photograph recently, and that you not only get a feel for my style, but you also see the quality of my work throughout the day.   I believe that the little details are as important as the emotions and I work in a discreet and courteous manner letting the day unfold naturally, whilst capturing your individual personalities.   For me, each couple and wedding is different, and I hope you can see this reflected in my work.  If you like my style please do get in touch and we can sit down, have a chat, get to know each other and then take it from there.    
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*** Please click each image to see the full blog entry for each wedding ***


    Click here to see    Stephanie and Giulio's civil ceremony

    Click here to see   Tizana and Nicolas' wedding

    Click here to see   Rosaline and Yanis' wedding

    Click here to see   Lea and Christian's wedding

    Click here to see   Louise and David's wedding 

    Click here to see    Florence and Sebastien's wedding

    Click here to see   Lea and Christian's civil ceremony

    Click here to see   Sara and Gunter's wedding

    Click here to see    Odile and Richard's wedding

    Click here to see   Audrey and Vincent's wedding

    Click here to see   Catherine and Dario's wedding

                                                             Click here to see   Laura and Alex's wedding

    Click here to see  Kim and John's wedding

    Click here to see  Joelle and Alex's wedding

     Click here to see   Barbara and Pete's wedding

2. Engagement photoshoots.

Included in all our wedding photography packages is an 'engagement photoshoot'.   What's this I hear you ask !?   This is a photoshoot in a location of your choice (within reason!)  to be arranged before the wedding.  It may take place a whole year, or even just 4 days before your big day.  It's a chance for us to get to know each other even better and for you to be more comfortable with me taking photos of you,  so that on your wedding day you'll feel so relaxed with having your photo taken that you may even forget that I am there!

It's also great fun and a perfect chance for you to get some really beautiful photos of you both in slightly more relaxed clothing and even get a little grubby (should you wish!).  If you would like to get more of an idea of what you can expect please have a peek at the photos below.


*** Please click on each image to see the full blog entry for each engagement photoshoot ***

    Click here to see  Anne-Sophie and Denis' engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Noelle and Jeremy's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Rosie and Duncan's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Kate and Matt's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Jenni and Daniel's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Alex and Dave's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see Tiziana and Nicolas' engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Sarah and Magnus' engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Lea and Christian's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Louise and David's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Odile and Richard's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see   Sara and Gunter's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Chrysline and Jean-David's engagement photoshoot 

    Click here to see  Debbie and Rob's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Florence and Sebastien's engagement photoshoot

    Click here to see  Virginie and Yannis' engagement photoshoot

3. Private and commercial photoshoots.

Although I primarily photograph weddings, if I am available I am delighted to shoot both commercial and private events for clients.  Unfortunately I am not always available as I am usually booked up all year for weddings, which are often reserved up to 14 months in advance.  However, please do contact me, and if I am free I would be delighted to give you a quote.


*** Please click on each image to see the full blog entry for each photoshoot ***

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